Charlie Baker Just Killed an 82-Year-Old Liquor Law

You can now buy liquor the day after Christmas, if Christmas falls on a Sunday.

Photo via Governor's Office/Joanne DeCaro

Photo via Governor’s Office/Joanne DeCaro

With the stroke of a pen, Gov. Charlie Baker just kiboshed a blue law that’s been on the books in Massachusetts for 82 years.

Tucked away in the economic development bill Baker signed into law Wednesday was a provision that would make it legal for package stores to be open the day after Christmas, or Boxing Day. Previously, thanks to a regulation enacted in June 1934 following the repeal of Prohibition, it was illegal to sell liquor the day after Christmas, if Christmas fell on a Sunday.

As noted by the State House News Service, the last time Christmas fell on a Sunday, December 2011, Massachusetts lawmakers passed a law temporarily suspending the ban.

Christmas falls on a Sunday again this year, so remember to exercise your new right in a few months and have a bourbon or five on Monday. Your in-laws will still be here, after all.