Leaked Video Shows Boston Dynamics’ New Robot, Here to Haunt Your Dreams

It's got wheels!

boston dynamics robot

It’s been quite some time since we caught a fresh glimpse of the nightmare-inducing humanoid robots dreamt up by the folks over at Boston Dynamics. When last we left them, researchers were antagonizing their biped robots with a hockey stick in footage almost certainly to be used as evidence in the tribunals when the machines rise up against us.

A leaked video posted by venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson from Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert’s presentation to investors has revealed “Handle,” the company’s yet-t0-be-revealed, wheeled robot. And guess what—it can jump!

“This is the debut presentation of what I think will be a nightmare-inducing robot,” Raibert said, with a degree of self-awareness that’s honestly refreshing.

boston dynamics robot 2

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, reportedly sold off the Waltham-based firm last year after leaked emails showed how spooked Google employees were by Boston Dynamics’ videos. Bloomberg mentioned Toyota and Amazon as potential suitors at the time.