Ten Very Good Dogs Spotted at the 2017 Boston Marathon

They're all good dogs. But some are very good.

There’s plenty to love about the Boston Marathon, from the inspirational stories and unforgettable moments, to the punny signs dotting the route. But above all, there are some Very Good Dogs out and about from Hopkinton to Boylston Street.

While all dogs are good, some are Very Good. Below are just a few.

Who wouldn’t run 26.2 miles, if only to be comforted by Lydia and Obadiah at the end?

Very Good and Very Large are not mutually exclusive, as any expert will tell you.


It appears Harvey hit the mimosas a little too hard.

A trio of revolutionary pups.

Easy is a Very Good Dog, but also a Working Dog, so please do not pet.

Libby is not only Very Good Dog, but a decorated one, too.

Luna simply cannot see the haters from behind her finish line shades.

Stewart the foster pup picked up the whole cheering thing pretty quickly.