Revere Kidnapping Hoax Ensnares State Police

It's the latest in a series of prank calls from the same phone number.

The flashing lights of a police cruiser

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State and Revere Police were sent on a hopeless search yesterday evening for a supposedly kidnapped girl in the trunk of a green Honda SUV.

The Revere Police Department received a call at around 5:45 p.m. Tuesday and communicated with the girl on the other end who claimed she was being held against her will in the trunk of a car. The police endeavored to get some details about her predicament by asking her to press “1” or “2” in answer to yes or no questions. It makes sense as a way to communicate with her, since she wouldn’t be able to speak if she really was hiding the phone call from a kidnapper. Unfortunately, it also makes sense if she and her friends were trying not to laugh.

The caller said she was 17 years old and that her kidnapper was female.

After tracking the phone and sending state and local units to the Overlook Ridge apartment complex at Parkside Place in Revere, police found no green Hondas in sight. State cruisers even sounded a siren and asked the supposed victim whether or not she could hear it. She said yes. Well, technically she pressed “1.”

In a press release after the police determined the call was fake, the Massachusetts State Police said that the phone number was recently used in two other hoax calls in the Malden and Revere area. The phone itself, calling from two different phone numbers, has also been used in almost 20 prank calls to the police. This most recent incident is currently under investigation.