How Winston Flowers Decks the Halls, By the Numbers

The local florist has a robust holiday decorating service that uses 12,000 feet of garland, 17,000 pine cones, and more.

winston flowers holiday decorating

Photo courtesy of Winston Flowers

Think it’s tough lugging those boxes of ornaments out of the attic? Your red and green totes won’t seem so bad when you consider that Winston Flowers festoons firs across the region with more than 5,000 ornaments a year.

The local florist offers a robust home holiday decorating service that promises to handle all the details from concept to cleanup. From trimming the tree to hanging the wreath on the front door, Winston decks the halls in style, using plenty of amaryllis and arborvitae along the way. Ahead, we take a closer look at the decorating details.

Holiday Decorating at Winston Flowers, By the Numbers

Winston Flowers has been present in Boston for 72 years.

Winston typically sells 1,500 wreaths in one holiday season.

A whopping 17,000 pine cones are used in floral designs and holiday decor.

5,000 yards of rope are used during holiday installations.

The tallest tree ever installed? A towering 16 feet.

5,360 ornaments are used throughout the season.

The largest ornament used measures to 10 inches.

Winston produces 12,000 feet of garland during the holidays.

The shop sells 700 Christmas trees each year.

They decorated 121 holiday events, 32 hotel lobbies, and 106 businesses last year.

And a total of 77 private residences had their halls decked.

The busiest time or day for decorating? It’s a tie among December 2nd, 9th, and 10th.

winston flowers holiday decorating

Photo courtesy of Winston Flowers