10 Elegant Bowls for Holiday Entertaining

Whether you’re serving classic chowder, a seasonal salad, or your homemade lobster dip, these stylish vessels should do the trick.

Styling by Bonnie Anderson/Team, Photograph by Bruce Peterson

1 Serpentinite serving bowl with handles, $87, Lekker Home.

2 Ash bowl, starting at $48, Farmhouse Pottery.

3 Revol “Arborescence Coupe” porcelain bowl, starting at $30, Didriks.

4 Jars Ceramics “Tourron Natural” ceramic bowl, $47, Didriks.

5 “Boulder” porcelain bowl, $28 for set of two, Abodeon.

6 Mud Australia “Pebble” porcelain bowl, starting at $41, Lekker Home.

7 “Salt + Spice” concrete pinch bowl, $15, Culinarium.

8 Kotobuki Trading “Ribbed” ceramic bowl, $14, Black Ink.

9 “Pedra” stoneware cereal bowl, $13, Crate & Barrel.

10 Atwala resin bowls, $110 for set of three, December Thieves.

Additional prop Cashmere scarf, $150, Willey Boston.