Covet: A Handwoven Macramé Wall Hanging for Any Room

After a macramé class at a brewery, wedding photographer Suzanna March began to weave wall hangings inspired by nature.

Photo by Mona Miri

Despite having built a successful career as a Boston-area wedding photographer, Suzanna March found herself looking for another creative outlet a few years back. She unexpectedly discovered it in a macramé class that she and a pal attended one evening at a local brewery. “I found the repetitive movement of knotting over and over really relaxing,” she explains. Friends took notice of her new hobby and requested custom pieces of their own, and soon a side business crafting intricately woven wall hangings was born. Hung on items found outside and at vintage markets, March’s one-of-a-kind compositions are inspired by everything from rudimentary shapes in nature to more-complex fabric and floor patterns. “They’re tactile and not behind glass, so people can walk up and touch them, and kids can’t really break them,” says March, who’s seen her work displayed in bedrooms, entryways, and even nurseries. “They’re a great piece of art to incorporate in any style of décor.”

Suzanna March woven wall hanging on wood, $550, Covet + Lou.