Taste Test: Spinach Pie at 3 Little Figs

Spinach pie at 3 Little Figs. (Photo by Fiona Coxe)

At 3 Little Figs, a recently opened bakery on Highland Avenue in Somerville, the focus is on all things Greek; the menu features delicacies such as sweet baklava, savory spinach pie and locally sourced Greek yogurt served with a variety of toppings. The cheerful cafe was buzzing on a recent Saturday morning when I stopped in, and waiting in line gave me plenty of time to make up my mind.

Katie Rooney, the bakery’s owner and self-proclaimed “Big Fig,” got her start selling her carefully handmade goods at area farmers markets and independent grocers. Rooney’s use of local ingredients and produce won her a large fan base that’s followed her to her brick-and-mortar locale. Though I was tempted by the chocolate ginger cookies and the baked sugar donuts, I settled on a thick slice of spinach pie. The spinach pie, traditional by sight, contained a generous serving of spinach and artichokes that were mixed with sheep’s milk cheese and layered between crisp sheets of phyllo pastry. The result was a clean tasting pie, with a slight tang from the cheese and a burst of freshness from a dose of lemon. It was dense and filling, yet still felt light thanks to the acid and flaky pastry.

The bright flavors of this spinach pie were spot on, and I’d definitely order it again. Perhaps on my second visit, though, I’ll have to try those chocolate ginger cookies as well …

(Three Little Figs, 278 Highland Ave, Somerville. Info: 3littlefigs.com)