La Morra’s Business is Booming Thanks to Tom Brady

It seems everyone wants a taste of Brady's favorite bolognese.

la morra

Tagliatelle al ragu at La Morra in Brookline. Photo via Isara Krieger.

First it was Tom Brady’s feet which made it okay for legions of New Englanders to publicly wear man UGGs, now the Pats quarterback’s palate is inspiring a bout of pre-winter carbo-loading.

After it was revealed on and Urbanspoon last week that Brady’s favorite dish in the city is the tagliatelle al ragù at La Morra, the Brookline restaurant has been slammed. From November 17 when the Urbanspoon article was published, to Sunday, November 23, La Morra has seen a dramatic increase in business—most of it from customers interested in the consuming the same thick bolognese with lamb, pork, veal, beef, and foie gras butter that fuels their favorite local sports icon.

“This is a busy time of the year for us, but this Saturday was crazy,” said owner Jennifer Ziskin. “We’ll typically serve around around 150 customers, but we easily had over 200 guests, so we’re definitely seeing a jump. And people are mentioning that they came in after reading about Tom Brady eating here on I don’t know if they’re following Tom Brady specifically, but they’re seeing that we have a bolognese and somebody they really respects loves it. That’s definitely brought people in.”

Over the seven-day span, La Morra had a 30-percent increase on all Tom Brady approved comestibles, including both entree- and primi-sized portions of their tagliatelle al ragù (95 and 76 respectively) and Brady’s second favorite dish, the wood grilled chicken under-a-brick (54).

“The guy who makes our pasta made a funny comment in our kitchen this weekend,” Ziskin says. “He said, ‘Don’t worry everybody, you don’t have to prep anything. I’ve made enough bolognese sauce. That’s what everyone will be ordering anyway.'”

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