Snack Attack: ‘Hot Pockets’ at Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant

Eat like a (discerning) kid again with the Southie restaurant's artisan take on a microwaveable mainstay.

Lincoln Tavern Kellene Ratko

Hot Pockets at Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant. / Photo by Kellene Ratko

Remember Hot Pocket? You know, those microwaveable turnovers that scorch your mouth with hot fillings like pepperoni and hickory ham? You may not eat those one-handed meals anymore, but you can get nostalgic with a homemade version during Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant’s weekday brunch.

The South Boston restaurant riffs on the classic hot pocket every Friday during its Test Kitchen brunch series. This Friday, October 21, try a hot pocket stuffed with smoked turkey, cranberry sauce, bone marrow gravy, and pancetta. Upcoming iterations include short rib mac and cheese, smoked brisket with hash brown casserole, and Italian sub.

The hot pocket is just one snack on executive chef Nick Dixon’s menu of experimental brunch plates, like huevos rancheros-style pizza, and a breakfast Cubano. The hot pockets have remained an integral part of the oft-changing menu, and have given Dixon an avenue to tinker with various flavor combinations.

Lincoln Tavern’s take on a hot pocket was inspired by a trip Dixon took to Richardson Farms in Maryland. Accompanied by general manager Will Clark, the two sought to learn new cooking techniques from chef Richard Rosendale. Clark and Dixon returned from their trip eager to delve into more hand pie-inspired dishes, and before long, Lincoln’s hot pockets made their debut.

Go for the turnovers, stay for other indulgent brunch treats, like Trix-coated waffle sticks (yes, really), Reese’s eclairs, Toaster Strudel, and Fruity Pebbles pancakes. Lincoln’s Test Kitchen Brunch takes place every Friday, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Regular brunch is offered during the weekend—the pilot plates occasionally step up into that rotation—so stop in and see what Dixon has up next.

$5, Lincoln Tavern, 425 W. Broadway, South Boston, 617-765-8636,