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Snack Attack

Row 34 and Boston Smoked Fish Co. smoked trout pâté

Row 34 and Boston Smoked Fish Co. Team Up on Sustainable Trout Pâté

Row 34 isn’t the only place to graze on seafood charcuterie this summer. Your own dining table could be, too. Chef Jeremy Sewall is hoping […]


Five Places to Get Ice Cream in Boston Right Now

In rain, in March snow, or in May mugginess, Boston is, and always will be, an ice cream town. From longtime favorites like J.P. Licks […]

Tiger Mama $1 dumplings

Kick Off Your Week with $1 Dumplings at Tiger Mama

UPDATE, December 4, 4 p.m.: OMG, you guys—Banyan Bar + Refuge also has $1 dumplings. Find them every day from 4-6 p.m. at the South […]

Cask Force's Noble Bee Sauternes Barrel-Aged Honey

Snack Attack: A Honey-Parmesan Doughnut at Blackbird

Sauternes—a sweet, French wine with fruity acidity from the so-called “noble rot”—is such a perfect complement to wildflower honey that spirits connoisseur Nick O’Connell is […]


Where to Find Everything-Spiced Everything in Boston

The day I purchased the first-ever, everything-spiced, bacon, egg, and cheese doughnut sandwich that the flagship Union Square Donuts sold, I, of course, posted about it […]

Chicken and Rice Guys / Clover hummus

Hummus Is Spreading in Downtown Boston

Move over, avocado toast. Hummus is back in town. Both Chicken & Rice Guys and Clover have new chickpea spreads on the menu, and both […]

Bacon, egg, and cheese at Union Square Donuts

A Doughnut Breakfast Sandwich Is a Thing You Can Have

For those of us who always prefer a savory breakfast, and typically require egg-driven protein in the morning, Union Square Donuts is here for you. […]

Polar Seltzer

Polar Seltzer’s Summer Flavors Inspire Cocktails and Ice Cream

The day Polar Beverages makes its seasonal flavor announcement is a joyful day at the Boston magazine office, year after year. Apparently, we are not […]

Jon Chase poses with his exclusive Starch Madness 2017 Snap, Crackle & Pop trophy at Wheelhouse

Starch Madness 2017: A Closer Look at the Wheelhouse Breakfast Burger

With 66.5 percent of the vote, the brioche-ensconced winner of the Breakfast conference beat 2015’s Starch Madness title-holder, Shadowless duck fat fries at Shojo. The […]


Tapestry’s Expo Kitchen Is Doubling Down on the Pizzeria Vibes

A trip to Detroit—or Brooklyn—is no longer necessary to get ahold of a trendy square of pizza. Tapestry has been slinging crispy, cheesy, Detroit-style slices for […]

Mushroom scrapple sandwich at Clover

Snack Attack: Mushroom Scrapple Sandwich at Clover Food Lab

If you’re in search of a stellar meatless sandwich, Clover Food Lab has you covered. If you’re craving heaps of scrapple, well, it seems the restaurant […]

Fancy 'roni pizza bagels at Bagelsaurus. / Photo provided

Bagelsaurus Brings Back Pizza Bagels Every Monday

If you’re daunted by the line snaking outside of Bagelsaurus every weekend, try visiting the Porter Square bakery on a Monday. The bagel shop recently […]


Snack Attack: Superfood Sushi at Pressed

Kick the spicy tuna roll to the side for Pressed Boston’s take on the traditional Japanese dish: superfood sushi. Made with intense black rice, silky sweet […]


Where to Celebrate Pi Day 2017 with Pie Specials in Boston

Although the impending snowstorm on March 14 looks daunting, don’t let it distract you from the important stuff—like celebrating Pi Day. Even though there are […]


Snack Attack: Escargot Toast at Frenchie

A tough and chewy pile of snails can ruin a restaurant experience. At the South End’s newest, Frenchie, however, the escargot passes with flying colors. This version comes out […]