Here’s How To Make Tiffani Faison’s Favorite Chili Oil

Spice up your life with this recipe.

Tiffani Faison's chili oil recipe

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In our June issue Obsessions feature, chef Tiffani Faison dishes on her favorite things, including this chili oil. Here’s how to make it.

Chili Oil 

2 tablespoons coriander, whole

2 tablespoons cumin, whole

1 tablespoon black pepper, whole

1 tablespoon white pepper, whole

4 pieces star anise

1/2 cup dry Thai chili flakes

10 dry Thai chilis, whole

¼ cup whole garlic cloves, smashed

1 quart blend oil  (coconut oil and grapeseed oil also work really well)

Toast all dry spices with no oil in the pot for 2-3 minutes until the spices bloom. Add garlic and oil.

Place pot over low flame for 20 minutes, never allowing oil to exceed 160 degrees F.

Move pot of pot of oil so only ¼ of the pot is over the lowest flame that your stove will allow and let steep for two hours, taking care to never let the oil come above 160.

Remove and allow oil to come to room temperature. Place oil in a jar in a cool dry place.