15 Best Restaurant Bathrooms in Boston

Take a minute to yourself and appreciate these well-designed restrooms.

Everybody has to go, so these days, restaurateurs are making their bathrooms destination-worthy. Whether the restroom walls are plastered in reading material like vintage ads or cookbook recipes; the sinks are made from repurposed pots or gorgeous art; or there are notes on the powder room mirror that affirm your selfie-worth, check out these favorite washrooms around Boston. And don’t forget to wash your hands.

Both men's and women's rooms at Backyard Betty's are covered in a plethora of retro stickers

Both men’s and women’s rooms at Backyard Betty’s are covered in a plethora of retro stickers. / Photo by Mike Diskin/Assembly Design Studio

Backyard Betty’s

To complement the nostalgic, backyard cookout vibe at this South Boston restaurant, Assembly Design Studio curated a collection of stickers to cover the bathroom floors referencing a cross section of pop culture.

170 West Broadway, South Boston, 617-766-8955, backyardbettys.com.

Bleacher Bar bathroom

Photo provided by Bleacher Bar

Bleacher Bar

Located in a former batting cage underneath the Fenway Park bleachers, this is one of the most unique sports bars in all of Boston. And men, at least, who need to use the restroom during the game won’t miss any action, thanks to a two-way glass window installed above a row of urinals that looks into the bar and toward the view of the field.

82A Lansdowne St., Boston, 617-262-2424, bleacherbarboston.com.

The women's bathroom at Citrus & Salt is made for mirror selfies

The women’s bathroom at Citrus & Salt is made for mirror selfies. / Photo by Lit Boutique

Citrus & Salt

The whimsical, bright, and beachy vibes of chef Jason Santos’s Coastal Mexican restaurant extend to the décor of the women’s room. The floral-skull wallpaper and cheeky mirror message (“I didn’t text you, tequila did”) are picture-perfect.

142 Berkeley St., Back Bay, Boston, 833-324-8787, citrusandsaltboston.com.

bathrooms at Committee Boston

Photo provided by Committee


The stock pot-sinks and penny-tiled floors are an extension of the industrial-chic interior at this hip, Seaport meze bar.

50 Northern Ave., Boston, 617-737-5051, committeeboston.com.

Bathroom sink by AE Ceramics for Eventide Fenway

“Sink 5,” by AE Ceramics for Eventide Fenway. / Photo provided by Eventide Fenway

Eventide Fenway

We just love the gorgeous shell sink at this counter-service reimagining of Maine gem Eventide Oyster Co. Like she did for the bathrooms at the Portland original, ceramicist Alison Evans (AE Ceramics) of Boothbay, Maine, created this pearly washbowl.

1321 Boylston Street, Boston, 617-545-1060, eventideoysterco.com.

A bathroom at Fat Baby

A bathroom at Fat Baby. / Photo by Toan Trinh

Fat Baby

“The only two things we knew when we started talking about this project was we wanted a copper bar top, and we wanted all our staff’s baby pictures lining the bathroom,” says owner Mike Shaw. The final product does indeed feature mainly employees of the sushi spot and sister restaurant Loco Taqueria, but spend some time looking for baby pics of Jay-Z, NHL Rangers center Kevin Hayes (a Dorchester native), and a couple other celebs.

118 Dorchester St., South Boston, 617-766-3450, fatbabysouthboston.com.

The bathroom at Fool's Errand

The bathroom at Fool’s Errand. / Photo by Mike Diskin

Fool’s Errand

Owners Tiffani Faison and Kelly Walsh identify with the power couple who grace the wall in the bathroom at their offbeat little snack bar. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are “a perfect representation of who we are, crafted and fun—both of them self aware, smart, capable,” Faison says. Clearly the portrait catches the eye first, but don’t miss other fun bathroom design elements, like the security camera-wallpaper and the giraffe peeping above the mirror.

1377 Boylston St., Fenway/Kenmore, Boston, foolserrandboston.com.

One of four single restrooms at Idle Hour is Prince-themed

One of four single restrooms at Idle Hour is Prince-themed.

Idle Hour

Retro vibes inform this new, Quincy Center cocktail bar, but the four, individual, gender-neutral bathrooms are definitely progressive. Each one has its own theme, from an Antarctic, penguin-populated chamber, to the purple Prince bathroom.

1464 Hancock St., Quincy, 617-845-5711, idlehourquincy.com.

Mei Mei bathroom

Mei Mei bathroom photo by Adam Detour for “Bookish Bathrooms

Mei Mei

When the siblings behind this food truck-turned-brick-and-mortar outfitted their restroom, they paid homage to their grandparents, who once had a well-known Chinese restaurant in New York. “There are a bunch of articles about them on the walls just outside the bathroom,” cofounder Mei Li explains, and the restroom walls are covered in pages from a cookbook the elder Lis consulted on in the 1980s. “It’s a time capsule of how food, lighting, and photography used to be.”

506 Park Dr., Boston, 857-250-4959, meimeiboston.com.

Photo via Parlor Sports

Parlor Sports

The vintage Life magazine ads and sexy pin-up portraits covering the walls in the restrooms here nod to sister Trina’s Starlite Lounge, but the TVs above the toilets are right at home in this small but mighty sports bar.

1 Beacon St., Somerville, 617-576-0231, parlorsportsbar.com.

Salty Pig bathroom is covered in the Far Side comics

Photo provided by the Salty Pig

The Salty Pig

The cofounders of this Back Bay enoteca shared their love of The Far Side comics with everyone who uses their bathroom.

130 Dartmouth St., Boston, 617-536-6200, thesaltypig.com.

Stoked Wood Fire Pizza Co.

Stoked Wood Fire Pizza Co., and its Pizza Pac-Mac restroom wallpaper. / Photos provided

Stoked Wood Fired Pizza Company

Pizza-eating Pac-Man wallpaper extends the fun, throwback theme of this food-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar, fitting right in with dining room art referencing The Sandlot, and the ’90s alternative-heavy playlist on the speakers.

1632 Beacon St., Brookline, 617-982-FIRE, stokedpizzaco.com.

The bathroom at Tasting Counter

The bathroom at Tasting Counter. / Photo by John Skibbee

Tasting Counter

Located inside the same, Somerville warehouse as Aeronaut Brewing Company, the overall design of this 20-seat fine-dining experience is modern, clean, and warm. But for the small bathroom, “we wanted to create a pop of color and pattern that isn’t featured anywhere else in the restaurant,” chef-owner Peter Ungár explains. Behind a sliding door reminiscent of facilities on a train or an airplane hides a beautiful, relaxing space that is meant to briefly transport guests, “further enhancing their multi-sensory dining experience.” Ungár and his wife and partner, Ginhee, sourced the live-edge counter from the Berkshires, and the red and gold wallpaper is reminiscent of their wedding invitations.

14 Tyler St., Somerville, 617-299-6362, tastingcounter.com.

Trina's Starlite Lounge Bathroom mirror affirmations

Photo provided by Trina’s Starlite Lounge

Trina’s Starlite Lounge

While the refrigerator here can be a little rude sometimes, the women’s room is all about positivity. Self-affirmations like “You are beautiful” and #TSLlovesyou are scrawled on the mirror—plus, we always take a peppermint candy or two from the jar after washing our hands.

3 Beacon St., Somerville, 617-576-0006, trinastarlitelounge.com.

The powder room at Yvonne's

The powder room at Yvonne’s. / Photo by Brad Bahner


The current owners pay homage to this restaurant space’s illustrious history (it was once Locke-Ober) with a powder room reinvented for millennials, complete with a bright lounge sofa and colorful chandeliers. And of course, it has the perfect wallpaper to make you feel like the star you know you are while taking bathroom-mirror selfies.

2 Winter Pl., Boston, 617-267-0047, yvonnesboston.com.