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Gym Bod Goals: 5 Reasons to Try This New Body Contouring Treatment

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When you’re up in the gym just working on your fitness, it can be frustrating to plateau in progress. You’re at the weight you want and you feel healthy, but you can’t achieve the killer six pack you’ve always wanted.

That’s where EMSCULPT comes in. You might have heard of other non-surgical body contouring technologies that freeze away fat cells. EMSCULPT is also non-surgical, but it has a dual purpose: reducing fat and building muscle.

Here are five reasons why you should give it a try.

It packs in a powerful workout.

EMSCULPT tones and tightens the abdominal muscles and buttocks. Relying on High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy, it contracts the muscles at their maximum power for results equivalent of performing 20,000 sit-ups or squats. This can lead to muscle mass enlargement of 16 percent and a fat reduction of up to 19 percent. 

It delivers fast results.

Each appointment is just 30 minutes long and the initial cycle requires only four treatments within two weeks. EMSCULPT can benefit all body types, but physically fit candidates will typically see more visible improvement than overweight patients. Just like working out, maintaining your results requires follow up. With EMSCULPT, maintenance is minimal – just one appointment every three to six months. Whether you’re working on that beach body or have a special event on your calendar, you can count on EMSCULPT to help you achieve your desired look.

There’s no recovery period.

While contracting muscles forcefully in rapid succession can create minor muscle soreness immediately following treatment, EMSCULPT is fully non-invasive, requiring no preparation or aftercare. Because there are no needles or injections, you don’t need to worry about bruising either. Emsculpt also releases the lactic acid in the muscles to help minimize soreness after treatment.

It’s FDA-approved.

Safety is key with a targeted intense muscle work. EMSCULPT is FDA-approved for the improvements of the abdomen and butt regions, providing you with a well-toned stomach and non-surgical butt lift without the risk.

You don’t have to go far.

There’s no need to travel far for treatment. Plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Fechner and his team at Fechner MD Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa offer EMSCULPT in Worcester. Chosen by BTL Aesthetics as one of the few U.S. Academic Centers for Emsculpt, Fechner MD is a resource for other plastic surgeons and med spas to receive education on the new body contouring treatment.

So, if you want to reach your gym bod goals without the gym membership fees, consider making EMSCULPT part of your fitness routine.

For more information and to schedule a private consultation with one of the specialists at Fechner MD Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, visit drfechner.com. Dr. Fechner is a Double Board Certified plastic surgeon who is a leading specialist in facial plastic surgery. The Medical Spa offers a full array of aesthetic services.