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At Motorola Solutions, You Can Help Shape the Landscape of AI-Powered Security Technology

Courtesy of Motorola Solutions

Many software engineers share the same ultimate career goal: to create meaningful, cutting-edge work. Collaborating to develop new, AI-powered technologies can take you into a field that helps you stay on top of innovation in the industry while also expanding your skill set.

It’s these types of opportunities that are offered at Motorola Solutions, a Fortune 500 company that is forging a new path of innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and security technology. The company has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions that assist public safety officials in operating and communicating effectively, where they are particularly well known for their two-way radios with utilities ranging from police communications to business applications. Overall, Motorola Solutions has long been at the forefront in assisting public safety officials in operating and communicating effectively. 

Now, Motorola Solutions is expanding their expertise in video technologies to provide an integrated ecosystem that uses radio, video security and analytics and evidence management software to support public safety and businesses across a number of industries in becoming more efficient and effective. Powered by AI and leveraging cloud technology, these systems share information across technologies to assist users in making more informed decisions and provide companies with valuable information about their operations and processes.

Here are the ways in which Motorola Solutions is using AI to turn video into actionable insights, presenting opportunities for users to expand their capabilities and creating an attractive workspace for engineers to join their team.

Security Backed by AI

Courtesy of Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions advocates for responsible use of AI, where it should be used to complement the human decision making process. Through its Video Security & Access Control business, Motorola Solutions has invested in developing a number of AI and cloud-based technologies that can be used to increase its customers’ efficiency while also providing an objective perspective into an event.

“For a long time, security officials overseeing a building or space would sit in a chair and watch live video monitors to ensure nothing out of the ordinary happened,” says Serge Parise, vice president of Product Development at Motorola Solutions. “But that process is often inefficient — we all have a limit to our attention span, and when it comes to protecting people’s safety, the margin for error is very slim. Our AI-based video solutions provide metadata that is used to bring important information to people in real-time, turning video into actionable information.” 

For example, the AI-backed video management system Avigilon Control Center (ACC) provides insights in real-time to help operators make decisions about the areas they’re overseeing on-screen. Its Focus of Attention interface uses color-coded hexagons to represent different security camera views, and should an incident be detected by the system’s video analytics, the hexagon will change from blue to red, yellow or teal to immediately alert the operator. 

By doing so, this innovation has shifted the role of security professionals from spending all day watching video streams in hope of detecting a potential threat to reviewing and responding to unusual activities that have been flagged by the video analytics. 

Plus, because Motorola Solutions has different video offerings and capabilities, its video security technology can be used across the company’s expansive ecosystem. This area is growing — Motorola Solutions’ video business made close to $1 billion in revenue last year and plans to continue its growth as it looks to add new team members in its Boston office. 

The Need for Responsible Use

Courtesy of Motorola Solutions

It’s no secret that every day people all over the world are facing problems, challenges and differing levels and types of danger. However, when applying advanced technologies that utilize AI, IoT and the cloud, it’s important to take a measured approach that checks the box of making sure the tech is governed by guardrails and ethical standards. 

“We are using AI to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of our user community,” Parise says. “However, as a powerful, multi-faceted emerging technology, AI can have far-reaching unintended consequences. At Motorola Solutions, we are proud of our long history of not only developing innovative technologies but of acting as a trusted provider of those technologies, too — one that holds itself to the highest ethical standards. There are many valid concerns regarding the use of AI, but as we continue to innovate, we continue to design specific features in our products that safeguard privacy rights.”

Expanding AI’s Security Potential

Looking ahead, Motorola Solutions sees potential for AI to extend beyond the traditional means of security protection and into business intelligence — for instance, understanding traffic patterns or when a store has more people in it. Using Motorola Solutions’ technology — including streamlined search processes and object detection software — businesses can better understand whether their operations and processes are effective and assess how to improve them.

At its core, Motorola Solutions’ systems and technology are designed to utilize AI to make watching live video obsolete and assist operators in doing their jobs effectively. Positioned in Boston, its software engineers receive strong benefits, work flexibility and a highly creative work environment with opportunities to collaborate from home.

For more information on the innovation at the forefront of Motorola Solutions and how you can be a part of its efforts, head here.