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Cambridge, Massachusetts is a historic city situated directly north of Boston, across the Charles River. Just moments away from the hustle of Boston, Cambridge is an eclectic town with unique shops, restaurants and cafes, and is home to several notable colleges, including Harvard University and MIT. From bars to coffee shops and bookstores, there is plenty to explore and enjoy in Cambridge.

Person of Interest: Rich Miner

Meet the techie who put Cambridge on Google’s map.

Straight Outta Cambridge

A descendant of John Adams is making waves in the hip-hop industry. But is Sammy Adams in it for the music – or the money?

Dining Out Evoo

Restaurant Review: Evoo in Cambridge

The location may have changed, but chef Peter McCarthy’s cuisine still keeps diners on their toes.

Boston Home Winter 2010: Need for Speed: Cambridge's Single Speed Design: sustainable architecture

Boston Home: Why Boston?JH: Like a lot of young designers, we met at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Jinhee was finishing her master’s when we […]


Dining Out: Ten Tables Cambridge

When Jamaica Plain’s Ten Tables debuted a second outpost in Harvard Square, some may have feared a sophomore slump. Instead, the new kid looks ready for the honor roll.

City Life

Cambridge Is America’s Worst Best Walking City

Due to high gas prices and a dearth of parking, those of us who live in Cambridge generally walk to our destination. As experienced Cantabridgian […]

City Life

Elizabeth Edwards Comes to Cambridge

We love Elizabeth Edwards. Whether she’s fighting cancer or Ann Coulter (not that there’s much of a difference between the two—ba dum dum) she appears […]

City Life

The Cambridge City Council Continues to Amuse Us

When we left last the Cambridge City Council, it was flip-flopping on a proposal to consider limiting the number of non-related persons in a single […]

City Life

Cambridge City Council Asks for a Do-Over

Keeping large groups of students from living in an apartment is all the rage. Earlier this month, Boston City Councilor Mike Ross’ four-student limit was […]

City Life

Harvard Gets Schooled By 85-Year-Old Cambridge Man

A study published on the website of medical journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia shows that the mental ability of America’s senior citizens has improved over the […]

City Life

Cambridge Astrologer Predicts 2008

We here at Boston Daily love to read our horoscopes. (For our money, the ones in the Herald are the best.) But we’d never thought […]

Arts & Entertainment

Commie Bashers in Cambridge?

There was an item in the Names section of the Globe this morning about the slew of enlightened Hollywood heavyweights who are in Cambridge to […]

City Life

Cambridge Waves the Flag

Last week, we wrote about the Cambridge election commission’s removal of Boy Scout donation boxes from primary polling places after complaints they implied a pro-war […]

City Life

Don’t Ever Change, Cambridge

In these uncertain times, it’s nice to know we can rely on some things. The sun will always rise and set. Gravity will always hold […]

Cambridge 1, Part 2

A popular Harvard Square hangout brings its upscale grilled pizzas to the Fenway. Can arugula flatbread take on the fabled frank? With the opening of […]