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Hillary Clinton

City Life

An Elegy for Hillary Clinton, Whose Campaign Is Not Yet (Officially) Over

This morning, the Hillary Clinton Campaign Death Watch started in earnest. Headlines, both locally and around the country, screamed that Barack Obama had clinched the […]

City Life

Hillary Clinton: Kinda Sorta Done (. . . Or Not)

We almost can’t believe this is happening. After months of bickering, scandal, primary battles, and tears, it looks like the Democratic nomination race may end […]

City Life

Kevin Cullen, Hillary Clinton, and Sinbad Walk into a Bar. . .

So that whole Democratic nomination thing is still happening. Like a couple of kids in the backseat on a long road trip, the candidates are […]

City Life

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Get Dirty

When you compare it to the battle for the Republican presidential nomination, the Democratic side has been fairly civil. Yes, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama […]

City Life

Hillary Clinton Starts Spinning

Even if Illinois Sen. Barack Obama doesn’t win Super Tuesday, he’s clearly made Hillary Clinton nervous. As we’ve been clicking around the internet this afternoon, […]