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City Life

Kevin Garnett Unwrapped? Never.

Here's the thing about Kevin Garnett—the man just loves his scarves. After nearly every game—in the winter and sometimes even when it's warm—KG emerges from […]

City Life

The Tail End

Shrimp season in the Gulf of Maine has just started, but by the time you read this, it may already be over. That’s because the […]

City Life

Downtown Looking Up

Folks walking around Downtown Crossing may have noticed some subtle changes lately: a new bench here, more trash cans there, and a growing sense that […]

City Life

Brainy Babies

Photos by Angela Coppola When Kristina Parry saw her five-month-old son, Jude, wearing a sensor net with wires protruding from his head at UMass Boston, […]

City Life

Data Base: Boston's Big Data Initiative

Photo by Lucas Zarebinski “We are going to dominate this field,” Governor Patrick told a crowded room of hackers this past November in Kendall Square. […]

City Life

Cannabis Commerce: Massachusetts' Medical Marijuana Market

Bruce Bedrick, CEO of Medbox and Kind Clinics During those few hours on November 29 when the power went out and Cambridge went dark, 200 […]

City Life

Click It and Ticket

Photo via Thinkstock Planning a vacation on the Web can be so infuriating that sometimes it’s tempting to just stay home. “It’s a complete mess […]

City Life

Howl: Mating Season Brings Coyotes to Boston

Illustration by Jason Ford At about 11:30 in the morning this past October 18, a worker at a middle school in Mattapan called the police […]

City Life

Barney Frank Has a Way With Words

Here are a few of Barney Frank’s greatest verbal hits.

Arts & Entertainment

Culture Calendar: Eight Must-See Arts and Entertainment Events in December 2012

The best local band you’ll hear in a Boston rock club this month doesn’t play rock.

best squash players pakistan boston
City Life

Racqueteering: Some of World’s Best Squash Players to Visit Boston

Four members of Pakistan’s national junior team will be coming to town to train and compete.

styrofoam ban
City Life

Styrofoam Banned in Boston?

Is the city about to make the polystyrene foam containers illegal?

City Life

Sins of the Father

The latest biography of Joseph Kennedy sheds new light on the man who fathered a dynasty.

City Life

Check Out All the Stuff This Guy Allegedly Stole

If police are right, Craig Cromartie has some of the stickiest fingers in the state.

Snow Cannon
City Life

New England’s Snow Business

New Hampshire ski areas are gearing up for a big year—whether it snows or not.