Kevin Garnett Unwrapped? Never.

Here's the thing about Kevin Garnett—the man just loves his scarves. After nearly every game—in the winter and sometimes even when it's warm—KG emerges from the locker room with a muffler tied tightly around his neck. We asked Jeff Lahens, the founder of Dresscode Boston, to break down six of KG's go-to looks.

Kevin Garnett - Scarf 1

As Time Goes By: KG’s style is “very classic,” Lahens says. Noting the martial design of his jacket, Lahens adds that the scarf’s color “works for the military-preppy look he’s going for.”

Kevin Garnett - Scarf 2

Blocking Out: “He does a lot of the double-sided scarfs, double-colored,” Lahens says. “It creates a good contrast between one side to the next.”

Kevein Garnett - Scarf 3

Triple-Double: “This one isn’t bad,” Lahens says, but it’s not his favorite. “There’s so much going on there.”

Kevin Garnett - Scarf 4

You the Man: “I like square patterns,” Lahens says. “I think it’s masculine, and he’s very masculine.”

Kevin Garnett - Scarf 5

Mr. Versatility: Lahens love the colors and patterns on this scarf. “It matches any type of color you would want to wear,” he says, adding that the classic design is “trend-proof.”

Kevin Garnett - Scarf 6

Split Personality: According to Lahens, this one signals that in-game KG and post-game KG are two different people. “It’s clean,” he explains. It’s like KG is saying, “I can get my hands dirty, but I can keep a clean white shirt. Or I can keep a clean white scarf.”

Photos by Ben Rohrbach