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Julian Edelman Used to Do Anything for Tom Brady’s Love

It’s easy to forget now, but Julian Edelman wasn’t always a star. Before he was catching Super Bowl-winning touchdown passes and starring in Burgertyme, he […]


Julian Edelman Took Another Beating in the Patriots’ Win over the Jets

Almost every week, Julian Edelman seems to remind us how hard-hitting and unforgiving professional football is. Sunday’s contest against the New York Jets was no different. […]

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Julian Edelman Performs Tom Brady, Bill Belichick Impressions in E:60 Trailer

When Julian Edelman is done with the whole football thing, he might might want to try a career in comedy (unless he wants to conduct […]

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Julian Edelman Conducted the Boston Pops

Outside of his manly workout regime, Julian Edelman is still keeping busy on the football offseason—and by busy, we mean he’s indulging in the fine […]


Manly Julian Edelman Made a Manly Workout Video

Julian Edelman, Patriots wide receiver and human male, appears to be busy on the offseason by participating in casual guy activities. As displayed in this […]

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Tom Brady: Leader of the #MayPac Rat Pack

Tom Brady was sent from the future in search of Sarah Connor. pic.twitter.com/Wni9cSGW4x — KorkedBats.com (@korkedbats) May 3, 2015 Too-busy Tom Brady is, as of […]


Julian Edelman Delivered a Polished Tom Brady Impression

Mocking Tom Brady is normally beyond sacrilege, but Julian Edelman is endearing enough to deliver a decent one. He sat down with Rich Eisen on […]

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Julian Edelman and Malcolm Butler Were the Grammys’ Most Endearing Dandies

Now that America has endured the absolute mess that was the 2015 Grammy Awards, we can now collectively look back on the very, very few […]


Julian Edelman Makes Smoothies, Kisses His Blender

Julian Edelman may be following in his best friend Tom Brady‘s footsteps in more ways than one. Like Brady, Edelman is taking advantage of his […]

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Watch Julian Edelman’s ‘DDTyme’ Episode for Dunkin’ Donuts

Update, September 25: Here’s what happened when Patriots player Julian Edelman hung out at the Greenway for a few hours for Dunkin’ Donuts’ ‘DDTyme.’ Things […]

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Julian Edelman Challenges Gronk to an Inception-Style T-Shirt Contest [UPDATED]

UPDATE, 4:05 p.m.: Looks like Rob Gronkowski is in. Repeat: Gronk is in. (And wearing a shirt, albeit one without sleeves.) @Edelman11 forgot my sleeves […]

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Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman Visited the Set of the Entourage Movie

Well look who just casually stumbled onto the set of the Entourage movie last week. Just Tom Brady and a couple of other NFL bros, no issue. […]


Patriots’ Julian Edelman Facing Assault Charges For ‘Illegal Contact’

Patriots’ Julian Edelman Facing Assault Charges For ‘Illegal Contact.’ The chicken-eating-beer-drinking Red Sox are soooo last month. November’s sports scandal: Yesterday, news broke that Pats […]