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Richard Tisei

City Life

Q&A #1: Is John Tierney’s Time Up?

Welcome to Ask Me Anything Day! First question comes from “Andrew Carden,” who asks: What are the odds John Tierney prevails again in 2014, both […]

City Life

Michael Sullivan Copy-Pastes Richard Tisei’s Losing Strategy

Republican Senate candidate Michael J. Sullivan’s campaign slogan declares him “tested and trusted,” and today he proves he wasn’t lying about the “tested” part, at […]

City Life

The State GOP Better Hope the National Party Gets It Together

Screenshot of a John Tierney ad via YouTube Though Massachusetts Republicans took pains to differentiate themselves from national Republicans during the 2012 campaign, the state and national […]

City Life

Election 2012 Live Updates: Obama and Warren Are Winners

Perhaps you heard that there is an election today. As the votes get counted, we’ll update our nifty table down below and even further down, […]

City Life

The Most Relaxing Election Ad of the Year

We heard it said several times during the storm that the thin silver lining to Hurricane Sandy's wrath was that her power outages would provide […]

City Life

The Globe Endorsed Republican Richard Tisei

The Globe editorial page has surprised readers this morning by endorsing Republican Richard Tisei for Congress rather than incumbent Democrat John Tierney. Newspaper endorsements typically […]