Groom's Cakes

Just because you want a pretty, elegant cake for your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have a manly version, too. A traditional southern custom, the groom’s cake is becoming ubiquitous at New England weddings. It makes frequent appearances at rehearsal dinners—or alongside the big cake at receptions.

“We’re seeing groom’s cakes a lot more,” says Jenny Williamson of Jenny’s Wedding Cakes in Amesbury. “Brides can use them to surprise the groom at the rehearsal dinner, or you can serve them at the wedding, at the same time as the main cake.”

When it comes to flavor and design, she says, there are no rules. “It can be big, small, formal or informal. It’s often in chocolate with dark, masculine colors. And it can be in the shape of a three-dimensional object like a car, football stadium or bottles of wine.”