Screw This

The sports car of tools.

Sorry, not even the three-purpose Porsche Design Multihammer P’7911 will help the clueless do-it-yourselfer figure out how to renovate the bathroom. But if you’re looking for a gift for your favorite handyman, this German-engineered wundertool will earn hearty thanks. That’s because the P’7911 acts as a hammer, chisel, and power screwdriver. Still not impressed? This bad boy cuts into stone, concrete, brickwork, and tile like a knife through butter.

Its most notable feature—a top grip handle—gives the operator unprecedented control. And the aluminum-and–carbon fiber shell will keep the drill in working order for years (or at least as long as it takes you to figure out how to get your kitchen finished). $649, Porsche Design Store, Copley Place, 617-424-1400,