Royal Flush

Avid cooks go nuts for Viking ranges; cinemaphiles trick out their home theaters. But who, exactly, buys a big-ticket toilet? Turns out, Toto’s new Neorest 550 is coveted by neatniks, tree-huggers, and gadget lovers alike (not to mention a handful of Hollywood A-listers, including Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez). It’s the Bentley of modern commodes, with a computerized control system and tankless, sleek design that make it a cleaner, greener, smarter kind of john. Here’s what’s under the lid.

‘Mode Lighting
A night-light above the toilet bowl makes it easy to find in the middle of the night, even if you’re half-asleep.

Hands Off
A self-raising seat spares users from having to touch a germy surface. Not that you could find one: An ionized glaze helps keep anything, visible or not, from sticking to the bowl.

Wipe Out
An oscillating warm water spray, heated seat, and air dryer save toilet paper (and feel pretty nice, too).

Privacy, Please
The Neorest can play flush or faucet noises—even MP3s—to muffle embarrassing sounds.

Control Center
Sounds, flushes, and other functions are activated by a handy remote.

Pro with the Flow
Choose a low-flow swish for light jobs, or a substantial swoosh for bigger ones. A cyclone motion delivers a strong flush that uses less H20.

$4,500, Designer Bath by Salem Plumbing Supply, 97 River St., Beverly, 800-649-2284,