Bed Rest

How to get ample shuteye before the big day.


Photograph courtesy of Istockphoto

Nerves tend to play a leading role in the week preceding a wedding, causing some affianced pairs to forgo deep sleep. But as specialist Kenneth Sassower, a doctor in Mass General’s sleep disorders program, points out, getting a good night’s rest isn’t just a dream-it can be a reality.

Watch the clock Maintain consistent bed and wake-up times for three weeks before the ceremony. Avoid late-night drinking, eating, and caffeine.

Move it Exercise offers an outlet for surplus energy, which might otherwise cause you to toss and turn. But don’t try to run marathons to de-stress; instead, take brisk walks. If you’ve always exercised regularly, continue your routine. But…

Know when to chill Likewise, try not to overexert yourself in order to “pass out” the night before. Keep busy by doing relaxing activities with friends.

Avoid popping pills Sleep aids make you excessively drowsy on the actual day. And who wants droopy eyes in wedding pics? Lull yourself to sleep with herbal tea instead.

Think about ANYTHING but sleep! The less you worry about it, the more likely it will come naturally.