Star Aesthete

BOSTON-BASED INTERIOR DESIGNER Frank Roop has been called one of the best in the world at what he does by Architectural Digest France, so it makes sense that Pointed Leaf Press approached him to do a book. Roop is one of those rare talents who thrives on collaboration, and he dedicates much of his tome to the craftspeople — all local masters — who make his work possible. The stunning photographs are by another Boston virtuoso, Eric Roth.

The New Bespoke by Frank Roop, $65, Trident Booksellers and Café.

Fashion First
Roop started his career in menswear and frequently references couture in his work. The custom drapery on the right-hand page was inspired by the layering of separates.


Inspiration Everywhere
Like a well-made shirt, Roop’s walls often combine complementary hues, or
feature subtle texture variations for a vibrant finish.


Craft is the Secret
Roop’s book features photographs and profiles of the metalsmiths, upholsterers, and fine artists he has discovered over the years — like Bernd Haussman, shown in his studio at left.