Slideshow: Iron and Wine at the House of Blues

After missing an Iron and Wine show at a dive bar in Denver several years ago thanks to overcrowding and a jerk door guy, we’ve been pining for a chance to see Sam Beam play a live show in all his bearded glory ever since — especially after reviewing his newest album, Kiss Each Other Clean. Iron and Wine played a sold out show at the House of Blues on Tuesday night, with an added bonus: Rhode Island locals The Low Anthem opened with a melodious, heart plucked opening set. Despite Beam’s notoriously whispery records, the stage was set with 11 musicians playing all methods of percussion, brass, woodwinds, and strings with backup vocals. While the intimacy of Iron and Wine’s sound sort of gets lost with 2,200 other people in the room, old faves like “Woman King,” and “Song of the Shepherd’s Dog” were played, along with new tracks from the latest release. Click through for more photos of the show.