Boston Clawing Is Like Boston Calling, But with Local Bands

Don't have tickets to Boston Calling? Consider Boston Clawing, a free concert at Faneuil Hall.

Boston Clawing

Boston Calling pup, meet Boston Clawing tiger, who, it would seem, wants to tear up the Pru. Down kitty! / Image by Nicole Anguish/Daykamp Creative Provided

SXNE and Narragansett want to invite you to a sort of alternate-Boston Calling event called “Boston Clawing.”

On Sunday, May 25, while City Hall Plaza hosts the final day of the sold-out spring Boston Calling music festival with Modest Mouse, Brand New, Bastille, Tegan & Sara, and more, a free concert will kick off at Ned Devine’s in Faneuil Hall at 6 p.m. with several local bands.

Tigerman WOAH! will headline the event and be pulling double duty that day, performing at Boston Calling first and then playing at Boston Clawing in the evening. They will be joined by the following local acts:

• Parlour Bells
• Eddie Japan
• Airport
• Friendly People
• The Silks
• Oldjack
• Chadley Kolb
• The Life Electric

While Boston Clawing probably won’t lure ticketholders away from City Hall Plaza, the gathering does offer music lovers another option in town, where those who couldn’t get tickets to Calling or didn’t care to try can still enjoy some live music from local bands.

Those with tickets to Boston Calling, but maybe aren’t infatuated by Day 3’s headliners Modest Mouse, can choose to duck out early and go to Faneuil Hall.

Performances at Boston Calling are scheduled to end at 11 p.m., while Boston Clawing is scheduled to run until midnight. So, in theory, one could easily chase Calling with an hour of Clawing.

Music fiends, the choice is yours. Rawr.


Boston Clawing takes place Sunday, May 25, at 6 p.m. at Ned Devine’s in Faneuil Hall. Details and ticket info are on Eventbrite.