‘The Warning’ Hits GoFundMe Goal, Drops EP in Same Week

The trio of metalhead sisters from Mexico just can't stop rocking.

the warning band

Courtesy of thewarningband.com

The trio of tween sisters from Monterrey, Mexico, who make up the band The Warning are on fire. This week they marked two major milestones: 1) They officially hit their $30,000 GoFundMe goal, which should help bring them to Boston this summer to refine their licks at one of Berklee College’s summer programs, and 2) They dropped their first EP, “Escape the Mind.”

The album, available on iTunes, consists of six original tracks. While heavy metal covers may have propelled the young ladies to viral fame, “Escape the Mind” demonstrates their versatility and offers listeners a more authentic taste of their style.

“Since we started writing our own music, it was just like an experiment. It wasn’t something that we were going to do professionally. It was just an experiment with our teacher,” 13-year-old drummer Paulina tells Boston. “The first three songs are a mix of different music genres—one’s like a little bit country, one’s like a rock ballad, and one is like pop-rock.”

Lead guitarist 15-year-old Daniela says writing original music was a learning experience, and nailing the rock-n-roll sound they love was difficult. But now that they’ve got a few tracks down, they’re more comfortable generating their own material and understand the process.

As for lyrics, it’s a collaborative effort. “Imagine I do a chorus, but I don’t have the lyrics to do a verse,” Paulina explains. “I go to my sisters and they help me finish the song.”

Now that the GoFundMe goal has been met—thanks in large part to Harmonix cofounder and Berklee summer program alumnus Alex Rigopulos—the girls are hoping to finalize details on a Boston-based summer.

Don’t be surprised to see The Warning at a few local venues—so long as it’s an all-ages show.