Gifted Mark Wahlberg Can Say 57 Movie Names Really Fast

Let the Ted 2 press tour begin.

The Ted 2 press tour is making its rounds, meaning Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane are ready to wreak havoc on late night television. While on a presser in the U.K., the two appeared on BBC’s Graham Norton Show. (Sadly, it was a less brazen appearance compared to Wahlberg’s last visit to Norton.) Wahlberg, as humble as he could, proved his talents outside the realms of acting by demonstrating that he can, in fact, say a long list of movie names at rapid fire. Genius.

It was, of course, something he learned for a scene in Ted 2 that ended up being ditched in the final cut, and also a nod to the ‘white trash’ girls names scene in the first Ted movie.

While also in the U.K., the cast, along with Amanda Seyfried, played a saucy round of ‘Never Have I Ever’ on Entertainment Tonight. Audiences learned that Wahlberg has gotten cheeky at bars, and has been high at work. What an honest man.