WOW Airlines Is Offering $69 Flights to Europe

You just have to stop in Reykjavic along the way.

Wow airlines

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Icelandic airline WOW has announced they’ll be offering $69 flights to Europe out of Logan airport. There will be eight destinations total that you can get to from Boston, but all of the flight deals share one thing in common: You have to stop over in Reykjavic on the way to them. But once you’ve enjoyed your Iceland visit, you can head to Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, Dublin, Berlin, London, Copenhagen, and Edinburgh, according to the Boston Business Journal.

This is after the airline already offered $99 fares back in 2015. But you’ll have to make your travel plans soon—the discounted fares are only available for September through November of this year. On the plus side, that $69 fare does include all the taxes and fees that you normally find tacked on right as you’re about to book your trip. The flights are also available out of Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami. So if you’ve got an out of town friend who’s always ready to travel, there’s still a chance they can join you. Just remember to book through the airline’s website,, which is the only place you can get the special rate.