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Jason Schwartz

Don’t Call It an Escort

Can female friends turn you into a pickup artist? Jason Schwartz hires a wingwoman to find out.

When Crime Doesn’t Pay

It’s a local tradition: convicts lining up to publish their life story. So why muzzle the guy who faked his way into Harvard?

Q&A: Bobby and Peter Farrelly

Hubbub: Matt LeBlanc

For the first time since Friends, the Newton native will be playing a different character on TV…himself. Sort of. 

The Big Digs 2010: People of the Year

Q&A: Bridget Moynahan

Readers of the Inside Track may know her best as the ex of a certain “QB/QT,” but Bridget Moynahan has a booming career these days.

The Big Digs 2010

Take a fond look back with us through the 50 stupidest, funniest, and most awesomely aquapocalyptic events of 2010.

Hubbub: Dennis Lehane

In novels like Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, and Shutter Island, Dennis Lehane tapped into the city’s gritty side.

Headed for Trouble

BU scientists are renowned for their research on NFL veterans’ concussions. Now their studies are raising questions about the dangers of high school football. 

Latin’s Crossing Guard

On the trail of Boston Latin’s residency fraud investigator.

Hubbub: John Slattery

The actor’s character on AMC’s Mad Men, Roger Sterling, is notorious for his chauvinistic zingers. It turns out that off set, the Boston native is just as often a target of barbs.

These Roxbury Prep Kids Can Kick Your Kid’’s MCAS!

Charter school advocates think they know how to save our students. With charters like Roxbury Prep set to expand dramatically, we’re about to find out if they’re right.

Sports: The Comeback Kid

Five months after being named one of the best football players in the nation, BC linebacker Mark Herzlich was diagnosed last May with a rare form of cancer and told he’d never play again. Those doctors clearly didn’t know who they were talking to. On 9/4 the fully recovered senior will take the field in BC’s season opener.

Hubbub: Chuck Hogan

On September 10 Chuck Hogan’s Charlestown-set bank heist novel, The Town, hits screens as Ben Affleck’s new thriller.

Hubbub: Mark Wahlberg, Extended Interview