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Jason Schwartz

Q&A: Leonard Nimoy

Best known as Star Trek‘s Spock, his alter-ego, actor Leonard Nimoy grew up in Boston’s West End.

Hubbub: Mark Wahlberg

Dorchester Native Mark Wahlberg is having a big summer.

Safe Harbor?

Ships bringing liquefied natural gas from the Middle East pass regularly through Boston Harbor. Experts say there’s little chance of an LNG tanker going up in a fireball. Then why are city officials so worried? Should you be?

Top of Mind: Peter Gammons

Baseball writer, reporter, analyst, icon, guitarist, 65, Boston.

A Question of Scale

The bad news: Massachusetts is facing an obesity crisis. The good news? There’s a way to fix it.

Minding the Gap

Solving Cambridge schools’ surprising race problem falls to superintendent Jeffrey Young. After a year in office, he’s still working to prove he’s the guy for the job.

Living History, Part 1

Ted Kennedy, remembered.

The Drinks Are on Them

In dominating the city’s liquor license scene, the law firm of McDermott, Quilty & Miller has lots to celebrate. The rest of us? Not so much.

Rack Race

Rack Race

Reckless drivers and monster potholes won’t keep Bostonians from biking. But not enough parking will.

An extended version of our interview with the Sox talker and newest fan favorite.

Top of Mind: Dennis Eckersley

Red Sox analyst, catch phrase king, moustache defender, age 54, Ipswich

Massachusetts Has a Gambling Problem

The speaker wants slots, the governor casinos. Why they’ll both win—and you’ll lose.

Playing By His Own Rules

Boston College athletic director Gene DeFilippo is a control freak of the highest order. That’s a good thing.

The Case of the Gumshoe Geeks

The curious MIT club that’s taken on a murder investigation as an afterschool project.

A Taylor to the Rescue?

Maybe–but don’t bet on the magnanimity of the Globe’s former ruling dynasty to also make a return to Morrissey Boulevard.