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Jason Schwartz

The Holdout

For Dan Totten, bellicose boss of the biggest labor group, the battle is far from over.

The Argument: A House United Cannot Stand

What would it take to really fix Beacon Hill? A party insurrection — like the one once led by a couple of upstart Dems named Dukakis and Frank — is a good place to start.

It’s Much, Much More Than Just a Hat

Conceived by a pair of local real estate heirs, manufactured by Dedham outfitter Twins ’47, the chosen cap of Red Sox fans upended an entire industry—and became a fitting symbol for our city.

The Once and Future Hub

Fourteen reasons Boston is poised to lead America’s economic comeback. (Whenever it comes.)

donny marshall

The Schwartz Factor: Donny Marshall

The new C’s color man educates Jason Schwartz on the difference between Tommy Points and the Marshall Plan.

The Schwartz Factor: John Hodgman

The PC guy from those Mac commercials instructs Jason Schwartz in the fine art of preparing and serving canard.

The Schwartz Factor: Yo-Yo Ma

The classical music phenom is searching for a new collaborator, and is even willing—God help him—to give Jason Schwartz a try.

The Secrets of Their Successors

A nearly unthinkable twist of political fate could put three of the state’s top elected offices up for grabs—a Hill-shaking scenario that already has would-be candidates plotting their ascent on the sly.

The Lessons of Newton North

In leafy Newton, the townsfolk have long been infected by a particularly potent strain of education lust. But now, with a $200 million high school tearing the city apart, it’s more than merely a reputation for great education that’s at stake. It’s the future of Newton as we know it.

The Schwartz Factor: John King

As election season kicks in, CNN’s political guru tells Jason Schwartz to stay tuned: The magic wall will reveal all.

The regimenter of choice for paper-pushers everywhere, the stapler comes with a history that’s convoluted, contentious—and, yes, a bit messy.

Revisiting the Hub’s area-code war.

The locals couldn’t be happier about accommodating the GOP gang next door.

Welcome to the Neighborhood