Madeline Bilis


Madeline Bilis was an associate editor at Boston magazine. She studied journalism at Emerson College and hails from an exciting town outside of Worcester.

City Life

TBT: ‘Old Ironsides’ Was Launched in the Harbor 218 Years Ago

Happy sort of birthday!

Arts & Entertainment

A Wax Museum Is Coming to Boston


Arts & Entertainment

An Edgar Allan Poe Documentary Is Being Made in Boston

It wants to reach its Kickstarter goal by Halloween.

City Life

TBT: When the First Modern Hotel in America Opened in Boston

It was called the Tremont House.

Arts & Entertainment

A Creepy Boston To-Do List

The most disturbing ways to spend your time in the city.

Home & Property

Five Famous Authors Who Lived in Beacon Hill

Bricks and cobblestones seem to inspire the pen.

City Life

Happy Leif Erikson Day!

We have some fake Viking history to celebrate.

Arts & Entertainment

What It’s Like to Be a Cranberry Farmer

October is harvest season.

City Life

TBT: The Climbing Cat of Deer Island Light

It’s the 1930s version of a cat video.

Arts & Entertainment

Meet the Artists of Boston Snapchat Geofilters

No, they don’t work for Snapchat.

trapology boston
Arts & Entertainment

Meet Boston’s Independent Puzzlemasters

They’re in the business of locking people in rooms.

Arts & Entertainment

Five Tips from Local Instagram Pros

The moderators of IG Boston bestow their knowledge.

boda borg boston
Arts & Entertainment

We Tried It: Boda Borg

We “quested” to make sure it’s as fun as it sounds.

City Life

The Smiley Face Was Invented in Massachusetts

Happy World Smile Day!

City Life

Bridj to Offer Neurosignal Treatment on Your Commute

Choose between calm or energy vibes.