Blue Fire Coffee Roasters, Inc.


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Blue Fire Coffee Roasters is a Hopedale-based, family-owned, specialty coffee micro-roasting company. Patrick Maloney is its founder and president.

Who or what inspired you as a child to start your own business?
My late dad was my inspiration. I watched him turn a life of working hard for others into working even harder for himself. I remember thinking how cool it was that even though he never seemed to sleep, he also never had to answer to a boss. He was in charge of that part of his life. I stumbled into coffee by accident. In 2003, I walked into a coffee shop and ordered a cup from Panama. It was the best coffee I’d ever had. A short time later, I asked for a job at that company and became an apprentice roaster. I knew I had found my passion. After working for others for 11 years, I took that passion and launched Blue Fire.

What’s the best advice that someone has offered you?
A friend and I were standing on a Costa Rica mountainside watching farmers pick coffee cherries off of a tree, and he said, “Make a coffee life for yourself instead of building one for someone else.”


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