Commonwealth Nephrology Associates

When patients seek high-quality nephrology care they do not need to look far from home. With nine office locations in the communities throughout suburban Massachusetts and the Boston area, Commonwealth Nephrology Associates is easily accessible and convenient for its patients.

Multiple sites provide patients more flexibility in seeing their clinicians more often. This also allows the physician to easily coordinate care with primary care practitioners and other specialists on the patient’s care team. This accessibility benefits all patients greatly, and particularly the elderly population. Additionally, in order to ensure continuity of care, each physician in Commonwealth Nephrology Associates is on staff at several community and Boston area hospitals.

The physicians at Commonwealth Nephrology Associates focus on treating many conditions including chronic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, hypertension, kidney stone prevention, electrolyte abnormalities, and end stage renal disease. One of their primary focuses is slowing and halting the progression of chronic kidney disease and reversing it when possible.

Commonwealth Nephrology Associates is committed to eliminating or delaying the need for dialysis as long as possible, whether through effective treatments or early transplant referral. When dialysis is necessary, the physicians strive to match the type of dialysis with the patient’s preference and lifestyle by making available choices like home therapies. The goal is to help patients maintain a high quality of life while receiving excellent medical care.

Commonwealth Nephrology Associates
D. Bora Hazar, MD
J. Carlos T. Dasilva, MD
Steven M. Spiegel, MD

Attleboro, Dorchester,
Franklin, Marlborough,
Natick, Norfolk, Norwood, Quincy and Weymouth
617.739.2100 | 508.650.9800

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