Top Dentists 2019 Voting: FAQ

How will you choose winners?

We sent letters to the address on record for every licensed dentist in Boston and the surrounding region roughly within I-495’s boundaries, inviting them to nominate up to three of their peers in each dental specialty via an online survey.

A resulting list of Top Dentists in each specialty (including all those who were tied) will be reviewed by an advisory board of select dentists, chosen for their credentials and the high number of votes they received.

How did you determine dental specialties?

These specialties were derived from those designated by the American Dental Association, as well as categories most useful to consumers.

When I vote, how will my information be used?

Basic information about your own practice, such as address and phone number, will be included in our free online database of dentists.

I made a mistake on my submission. What should I do?

For corrections or other questions, email