For more than 40 years, EXPLO is where bright and curious students from 90 countries have come to practice living with daring and courage. EXPLO is a community where students feel truly known — where they experience being part of a group of individuals who value their differences and cheer every attempt at authenticity. That’s why students at EXPLO are willing to put themselves out there and gather the courage to be the truest version of themselves.

EXPLO summer programs offer more experiential courses and workshops than any other summer program. Students explore subjects from business management and surgical interventions to off-road vehicle design, criminal investigations, and fashion design as part of a vibrant global community. With no tests or grades, students feel comfortable taking risks that they might typically shy away from in a high-stakes environment. The result is a sense of freedom to choose meaningful experiences that will serve them well past the summer.

Exploration extends far beyond the classrooms on EXPLO’s outstanding campuses. Each day is intentionally planned to include activities and events that range from the arts to athletics to community engagement and more. Weekends take students off campus to discover destinations throughout New England and New York, with more than 20 different trips offered per campus on Saturdays and Sundays.

EXPLO offers one-, two-, and three-week programs, with residential and day options on three campuses: Yale University for grades 10-12; Wellesley College for grades 8 and 9; and Wheaton College for grades 2-7. Bus transportation is available for day students from locations throughout Greater Boston and Providence. To learn more about how EXPLO can help make summer meaningful, visit explo.org. You may also email summer@explo.org or call 781.762.7400.


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