Mini-masochist: Gold…That Makes Your Skin the Quite the Opposite

1204131466As friends and coworkers can attest, Bostonista is a sucker for shiny things, with the exception of reflective foreheads. So we were jazzed by the idea of Cosme Proud’s new Gold Revitalizer mask, which uses real gold flakes to exfoliate and is sold exclusively at the South End’s Nami Spa.

Billed as the newest development in Japanese skin care, the Gold Revitalizer sends negative ions to exfoliate and moisturize skin’s deepest layers. Though its name suggests the formula would lend a bronze tint, it aims to do quite the opposite: Lumiskin, a skin-whitening ingredient included in the cream, enhances the moonlight-esque glow of fair complexions. For Bostonista, who’s been slaving away with faux tanners for years, the notion that Casper-like skin could be en vogue enough to warrant enhancement is hugely exciting news. Thank you, Cate Blanchett!

Despite mentions of science words like ions and keratin levels on the bottle, the directions are simple: smooth a nickel-sized dollop onto your face, revel in the glory of having your face covered in gold flecks for five minutes, then scrub it off.

After undergoing step three, we were sad to see the precious potion go down the drain. But our skin? It looked bright, brilliant, and healthy, and we felt proud to be ahead of the alabaster-skin curve. Take that, tan addicts!

— Jeremy Savlen

Cosme Proud Gold Revitalizer mask, $50, Nami Spa, 12 Clarendon St., Boston, 617-267-6264,