Collector’s Edition

1210170839I consider myself somewhat of an artsy person. I like art, art museums, art house films, art-rock, Art Garfunkel. Posters and prints and one or two original paintings, which were given to me as housewarming presents, hang in my apartment. My mother is a brilliant watercolor artist (with her big spring show coming up tomorrow. Go Mom!). And I’ve been known to clean out a jewelry booth or two at craft fairs like the South End Open Market (which kicks off for the season this weekend!).

Yet, until last weekend, I had never actually bought original art myself. When I did experience original art buying for the first time on Saturday, in true Bostonista fashion, I went all the way, buying not one, not two, but three fabulous pieces.

Carolyn Marsden—a friend, coworker, talented painter, kickass photographer, and all-around great gal—invited Bostonista to her show, part of Somerville Open Studios. I was sure her art would be cool. I’d seen it online and I commissioned her to make a hand-painted t-shirt for my mom’s Christmas gift. But to be completely honest, I went mainly for the camaraderie. And, because I heard there would be cupcakes.

Her woven photographs, however, sucked me in. With results unlike anything I’ve ever seen, Carolyn photographs one landscape or building in the daylight, and then again at a different time a day. Next, she cuts each photo into strips and weaves them together into a breathtaking checkerboard masterpiece. Many of her subjects are charmingly Boston-specific, like the Somerville Theater and Star Market.

They were all so fantastic that choosing one became dramatic. Which is why I made out with three: A cool building for my mom’s Mothers Day present; a New England church for my best friend Mar‘s wedding gift; and a whimsical tree just for me. (Thankfully, since she knows where I work—the same place she does—Carolyn graciously allowed me to get on a payment plan. I mean, I may be an art collector now, but I’m no Mario Russo.)

I left with a buyer’s high unlike any I’ve ever felt after a Newbury Street binge. This week, Somerville Open Studios. Next week, Art Basel Miami!

PS: In case you were wondering, the cupcakes rocked, too.