Countdown: Sex’s Greatest Hits

1211990374If you are anything like us, you’ve often wondered, sometimes angrily, how Carrie Bradshaw, freelance columnist living in Manhattan, can afford to don the various outrageous outfits that make her a fictional fashion icon. Trust us, writing is not the career for those who need to be kept in Hermes bags and Manolos. Nevertheless, in the world of Sex and the City, every day is an editorial, and couture is accessible to all with the will to accessorize. Despite all of our anger and jealousy, we still wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like the rest of the planet, we’ve been eagerly counting down the days until Sex and the City: The Movie arrives in Boston on Friday. Sure, we want to see what happens with happy-4-years-ago couples Sam and Smith, Charlotte and Harry, Miranda and Steve, and, of course, Carrie and Big (or are we supposed to call him “John” now?). Yes, we’re curious to see if anyone dies. But mostly, we’re dying to see what costume designer Pat Field (who we once saw schlepping a green feather boa around Loehmann’s in New York) comes up with wardrobe-wise for the film’s four leading ladies.

Forget the upcoming fall fashion shows—this is the fashion event of the summer, equipped with updated versions of the swoon-worthy ensembles as well as the sartorial trainwrecks that made us fall in love with the series. Should you feel like getting all dressed up yourself, a few Boston establishments like Underbar (275 Tremont St., Boston, 617-292-0080) and McFaddens (148 State St., Boston, 617-227-5100) are even hosting premiere parties for the extravaganza.

In anticipation of this milestone, Bostonista will not only be swilling commemorative cosmos. We’ll be counting down what we consider to be Carrie’s greatest outfits from the HBO series. (And we’d love to hear from you, whether you agree with our picks, disagree with them, or just prefer Smith Jared’s bare chest over any accessory actually involving fabric.)

Number Five:

Appeared In: Season 4, episode 55, “Time and Punishment”
The Elements: Black cropped Prada top, striped Prada skirt, Gucci logo hip bag, brown newsboy cap, high-heeled pumps, single horseshoe necklace, lots of extensions.
Why it’s Fabulous: It’s the impossible-to-ever-pull-off-in-real-life factor that makes this one delicious. But it works and is striking on Sarah Jessica Parker’s incredible physique. And even though we typically loathe those ubiquitous Gucci-print bags, slung below a her rock hard abs like that, it works.
Try This At Home?: No. See above, plus there’s that the whole horizontal stripes thing.

—William DeGregorio