Sale Away: Focus on the Saving (Not the Spending)

1229530767Thankfully, we have absolutely no patience whatsoever. You see, we had reconciled to wait until after Christmas to do our sale shopping, which is what we’ve done in years past, and we always cleaned up real nice. But a couple of days ago as we stared into our closet, wondering what we’d wear to these nonstop holiday soirees, and we got a case of that resolution-destroying I Have Nothing To Wear bug.

So scurrying to Barneys (Copley Place, 617-385-3300, on our lunch break we went. And we’re oh so glad we did, as the prices had already been slashed to levels they’ve never before sunk to pre January—and the pickins’ were already trending toward slim side.

If we had stuck to our guns, we’d have been too late to score the perfect-fitting Vena Cava dress we’d been eyeing for months (marked down from around $550 to about $175). We’d have missed out on the dark Rogan shift (pictured in white) that has just a hint of sheen, a subtle black and white plaid under layer, and a vampy exposed zipper in back (originally $264, now $159). Our closet would have hungered for the sophisticated burgundy sheath from this new Italian label that we can’t pronounce ($450, down to $150), and we would been forced to go nude from the waist up without the tunic-length white button-down by Vince ($195, now $59). The horror!

The icing on the cake was when we just so happened to stumble into Intermix (186 Newbury St., Boston, 617-236-5172, Jackpot, again. The lace-up patent $395 Kors boots, which we’ve been wearing (and wearing out) the Urban Outfitters knockoffs all season? Now $15o.

Yes, credit card debt was still amassed. And yes, we’re in a recession and are trying to be mindful of not to consume too conspicuously. (And yes, we might have to return some of the aforementioned items if (when?) we have a panic attack in a day or two. But for those of you out there aren’t the mathletes that we are, please let us spell out the bottom line for you: We saved about $1,300.

So listen up: Go now while the getting is good.