Old Try Raises Money for Marathon Bombing Victims, Families

Net proceeds from the print's shops new local-leaning design will go to the One Fund.

old try1

We asked the folks — Southern transplants Michah and Marianna Whitson — at local (but Southern-leaning) print shop Old Try last week if they’d ever design something that celebrated Massachusetts. Their response: “Not until the timing’s right.”

Monday’s unfortunate turn of events at the marathon spurred Old Try to action and they’ve teamed up with Union Press to create a love letter to Boston, based on the first New England flag. “Cause when you live here, you realize how close all of the Northeast really is. As goes Boston, so goes New England,” according to their website.

Micah and Marianna want to be good neighbors, so they’re donating the net proceeds from sales of the $40 print to the One Fund, which benefits victims of the Patriots Day blasts and their families. The pair has raised over $3,000 so far.

“Just ’cause we didn’t grow up here doesn’t mean we don’t cry with those who are crying,” Micah told The Manual. “This print that we’re making is for the folks that do now or have called Boston home. Patriot’s Day changed us all, doesn’t matter if we’ve been here for six years or sixty.”