Sex Week, the Harvard Way

Sex Week, the Harvard Way. In the midst of a national battle over contraception and women’s rights, local universities like Harvard and Yale are taking the bull by the horns and teaching sex ed the way they think it ought to be taught. No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter: it’s a serious-minded project designed to finally address the miscommunication and missteps of the college sexual experience, which, for a lot of students, marks their first significant foray into sexuality. So there’s STD safety, sure, but also judgment-free advice on culture, ethics, expectations, and satisfaction. In the words of one student following Brown’s Sex Week:

“A lot of people just thought it was going to be tips on how to talk dirty,” she said, “but really it wasn’t. It was just like, being consensual and comfortable in expressing yourself with your partner.”

Now if we can just get high schools to start providing a foundation of solid, culturally and practically-oriented sex education, too … [New York Times]