Get Paid $4,725 To Sleep For Science

NASA and Brigham and Women's Hospital are teaming up for a new sleep study.

On the Orange Line.

Photo taken on the MBTA Orange Line.

How does $4,725 for 22 days of work sound to you? What if we told you that “work” actually means sleeping?

NASA and Brigham and Women’s Hospital are teaming up for a sleep study to “evaluate the effects of sleep and exercise on cardiovascular health.” They want “healthy individuals” between the ages of 30 and 55 who exercise regularly and do not smoke.

The study includes free medical screenings, which is actually four separate visits that will determine your eligibility. Once selected for the study, you’ll spend two, 11-day in-lab stays at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

While spending 22 days cooped up in a hospital lab may not sound appealing, the $4,725 in compensation may lift your spirits. Also, it isn’t as bad as another NASA sleep study. Smithsonian recently reported that NASA is also looking for healthy individuals who want to say in bed… FOR 70 DAYS. But, for that study, you’ll get $18,000. Interested? Here’s the application.

If your skill is staying in bed for extremely extended periods of time, well, the perfect job has just opened up.

NASA is looking for research subjects to help them study the effects of microgravity on long space flights. This means laying in bed, tilted head down at a six-degree angle, for 70 days. You can talk to your friends, but you can’t get up and walk around.

For more information on the much more convenient Boston study at the Brigham, call 1-877-499-NASA (6272).