Gisele Posts a Breastfeeding Photo and the World Freaks Out

The supermodel is an outspoken advocate for breastfeeding.

Gisele (no last name needed) is arguably Boston’s most famous mom. But on Tuesday she set the social media world on fire by posting (noticeably very close to her former employer’s primetime runway show) what can only be described as the world’s most beautiful breastfeeding photo (see above). Models: They’re not like us.

While breastfeeding one-year-old Vivian Lake Brady, she is also casually getting glammed up for a shoot on what she says is “three hours sleep.” Gisele is also known for speaking her mind on a variety of issues from Super Bowl losses to why she thinks there should be a law that women should have to breastfeed for at least six months.

Naturally, after posting the image, the media went crazy.

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If you can get past this photo (which personally I think is fantastic), Mrs. Tom Brady’s Instagram feed may look exactly like yours. Seriously. She constantly posts gorgeous pictures of the Boston area. Just like us.

The Charles River from the Esplanade:

More Esplanade:

Euphoria after another crazy Patriots comeback:

Fall foliage:

You get the idea. Maybe supermodels are just like us after all.