Would You Pay $99 A Month (Every Month) For Fitness Classes?

A new service called Classpass launched in Boston (after launching in other cities in 2011) where you get 10 classes a month at area boutique studios. But there's a catch.

group fitness class

Group fitness class image by Kelly Brabants

Classpass is a monthly service that gives its members access to a slew of different fitness options in each city that it operates in. The service finally launched in Boston in early March. Basically, it’s a dream for someone who takes multiple classes at a variety of boutique fitness studios.

For $99 a month, members get 10 classes that can be used to visit any venue of their choice, but the catch is that you can only go to each studio three times. So basically, if you love reformer Pilates, (who doesn’t?) but know that a 10-pack can cost you up to $300 a month, you can’t use all 10 classes at the same Pilates studio. That said, it is still a really good deal for someone who likes fitness variety. The cost of $99 is a lot cheaper than a 10-pack of classes pretty much anywhere.

So far, here’s what studios are on board for Boston: Beantown Bootcamp; Boston Body; Btone Fitness; BURN Fitness Studios; C2 Pilates; Charlestown Cycling Club; Commonwealth Sports Club; Exhale Boston; Flywheel BostonLife in SynergyPursuit Boston; Raw Fitness Performance; Recycle Studio; Secret Physique; Shama Yoga; Studio J; and Velo-City.

Right off the bat we noticed that a lot of the new indoor cycling studios are on board, and a 10-pack at any of these studios is more than $99, so it’s a good deal if you love to spin. It’s also a good deal if you love yoga and Pilates because there are a number of those studios on board, too. Having Commonwealth Sports Club (CSC) in the mix is interesting because that is a “big box gym” so it’s cool to be able to attend those classes as well. Plus, CSC has a salt water swimming pool. Newcomer Burn Fitness Studio offers distinct classes like Tabata and rowing, so in the end this service seems like a steal. But, the bottom line is is that you really have to use the pass and attend 10 classes a month or it ends up not being really worth it.

What do you think? Is this worth the cost, or will you end up throwing away the classes…and your money?