The Ultimate Guide to Barre in Boston

Everything you want to know about this chiseling fitness trend.

Barre classes are popular because of the technique’s lengthening and strengthening low-impact moves, which are designed for dancers and non-dancers alike. In addition to old favorites like the Bar Method, Pure Barre, and Core Fusion, a plethora of new studios have opened in our area recently such as Barre3 in Needham and Simply Barre in Southie.

If you’ve tried a few barre classes you may have noticed one thing: They are all similar. That’s because most are based on the teachings of Lotte Berk, the late NYC-based dancer who first developed the method more than 45-years-ago. The mind-body workout combines dance, strength-training, yoga, Pilates, even even some ballet 101 in a class designed to lift your derrière, smooth inner thighs, lengthen your torso, and chisel your waistline.

“It all goes back to this one studio in NYC and this one woman,” says Simply Barre co-owner Erin Dickman.

While taking barre classes won’t make you a ballerina overnight, it will improve your balance and posture, while helping you discover muscles you never knew existed. Below, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to barre in Boston.