Adidas Unveils Its Official Boston Marathon 2015 Collection

Solar Zest has left the building.

The new 'Celebration jackets.' Photos provided to

The new Celebration jackets. Photos provided to

If 2014’s official Boston Marathon apparel collection left you a bit blinded by the Solar Zest, fear not! While Adidas has not yet officially shared the collection with the press, some of the items have been quietly available on its website for some time. After a little Internet sleuthing and some PR rep pestering, we get to share this exclusive first look at the new Adidas apparel.

The “Celebration Jacket” (above) is an iconic part of running the Marathon. For the weeks leading up to the race, Boston is flooded with residents and tourists alike sporting the jacket. Post-race, the scene on Boylston Street looks like a sea of the same color—this year it’s called Night Flash—all fading into one image like a Georges Seurat painting.

Adidas, which is an official sponsor of the Boston Marathon, has been switching up the jacket colors. For 2015, reps say that Night Flash is the official “new colorway for the adidas 2015 Boston Marathon apparel” collection.

Last year’s “Solar Zest” color left people with mixed reactions. Some liked the high-visibility orange, while others thought it was headache-inducing. Regardless, this year’s hue is a pretty, deep violet. As you can see from the photo above, Adidas is sticking with some orange in the trim.

The jacket will retail for $110 and will be available in the coming weeks on In the meantime, official Boston Marathon 2015 collection shirts, shorts, pullovers, and more are already available.